Being A Catholic School: Challenges, Hopes, Opportunities of Teacher Education

School of Liberal Arts and Education

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Bachelor of Library & Information Science

Our Library & Information Science Program is a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor in Library and Information Science (BLIS). The program provides our students with opportunities for developing knowledge, skills and dispositions with learning competencies accentuating the integration of information technology and management information system for effective organization, use and delivery of learning resouce and services. Essentially, the program prepares our students for professional certification for librarians.
Bachelor of Arts
[Artium Baccalaureus]

English is the language of the world. If you wish to strengthen your English communication skills, writing techniques, and literature analyses, AB English at LCCB is the professional degree you must opt for. Our AB Program emphasizes the training and enrichment of the literature, language, and creative talents of our students. With an AB English degree at LCCB, you will not only improve your intellectual perception but also strengthen your literature, cultural and communication knowledge and skills as you refine your historical, political, psychological and spiritual side.

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Our Elementary Education at LCCB is a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED). It focuses on the mastery of general disciplines responding to the educational and developmental needs of the Filipino young learners age 6 - 12 (Grade 1 - 6). Though the program focuses on elementary education, our BEED students enjoy special instruction on pre-school teaching from our experienced industry-based instructors giving them the qualifying edge to teach.

Bachelor of Secondary Education 

Our Secodary Education Program is a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED). The program prepares our students for professional certification in one of the following areas of specialization: English, General Science and Math. During their 3rd and 4th years, our BSED students enjoy a four-semester progression of learning course works which include a strong foundation in secondary school philosophy, structure and instruction with extensive field experiences in a variety of secondary school settings.

What have become of our AB & BLIS graduates?

Our AB graduates have become teachers, administrator, gov't. employees and leaders, journalists and media practitioners. Creative directors and thespians. Stage and screen players , librarians in schools, public and corporate libraries. Researchers, lawyers, consultants and public relations officers. Media specialists, bibliographers, catalougers and archivists.